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article imageOp-Ed: Ruddi—Where's your client list?

By John Rickman     Nov 29, 2007 in Politics
In a heated exchange yesterday Rudi Giuliani accused Mitt Romney of employing illegal immigrants and running a "sanctuary mansion." However Giuliani has recently had his own problems concerning possible links to corruption, organized crime, and terrorism.
Rudy Giuliani's exchange with Romney comes only days after disturbing allegations concerning the client list of Giuliani Partners, the consulting firm he founded, surfaced.
It has recently been learned that Giuliani Partners was hired in 2005 to provide security advice to the state of Qatar, an oil rich Persian Gulf state with alleged ties to 9/11.
Chase Untermeyer, former Bush envoy to Qatar, has revealed the deal to the Wall Street Journal. Although Qatar is considered a US ally it is believed that one of its top government officials, tipped off Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attack when, in 1996, the FBI went to the country to arrest him.
Qatar has also resisted pressure from the Bush administration to suppress the press freedom of Al-Jazeera TV station, which is based in that country. The administration is not happy over what they perceive as the station's anti-American views.
Sometimes called the "Teflon Mayor" or even "Saint Rudy of 9/11" he has also been battling allegations that his firm has worked with Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin painkiller, to stymie a federal probe into overdose deaths caused by the drug.
There are further allegations that Giuliani billed the expenses for his romantic getaways to the Hamptons with his mistress, now wife, while they were conducting a clandestine extra-marital affair.
Despite his reputation for a Teflon coating that helps him rebuff charges of misdoings, Giuliani has also been tied to a failed casino project in Singapore that involved the former mayor with a
controversial Hong Kong billionaire with ties to North Korea Kim Jong Il and organized crime.
The list of other allegations of wrong doing, or of simply turning a blind eye to the wrong doings of close associates, is extensive and has raised questions as to Giuliani's fitness to be president. If nothing else they cast doubt on his judgment of people, especially foreign leaders and his ability to conduct foreign policy.
One wonders if the glare of gold may have blinded the former mayor to the differences between black and white turning his various questionable dealings into a convenient shade of gray.
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