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Pact Between 6,000 Sunnis and US Forces Made

By Can Tran     Nov 28, 2007 in World
Almost six-thousand Sunni Muslims have joined a security pact with US forces on Wednesday. US officers say this is a critical step to eliminating escape routes for extremists.
According to US military officials, the pact between US forces and the six-thousand Sunni Muslims is the single largest single volunteer mobilization since the start of the war. The alliance is to cover groups such as al-Qaeda attempting to escape into northern Iraq.
Earlier this year, commanders tried to build a ring around the insurgents. In many parts of Iraq, battles led by United States forces were given help that was key from tribal militias mainly comprised of Sunni Muslims that have turned on groups such as al-Qaeda.
They will be paid about $275 a month which is close to the monthly salary of an Iraqi police officer. They will be manning at least two-hundred security checkpoints beginning on December 7.
They are part of at least seventy-seven Sunni Mislums throughout Iraq that have turned on insurgents and sided with the US. Both US and Iraqi leaders hope to keep militants away from Kirkuk by defeating them in Hawija. Kirkuk is a very diverse city and serves as a hub for the oil fields of northern Iraq.
At the same time, Iraqi refugees returned home from Syria. The bus rides were funded by the Iraqi government.
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