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article imageWindows XP Outshines Vista in Performance Tests

By David Silverberg     Nov 27, 2007 in Technology
Tests reveal that Windows XP with the latest service pack outperforms Windows Vista, even with the newest updates for the OS. Are you taking a step backwards by upgrading to Vista?
Digital Journal — Microsoft might be frowning with the latest news coming from the tech world: Researchers at Devil Mountain Software put Vista and XP through several benchmark tests and found that Vista with Service Pack 1 (SP1) beta did little to improve the OS’s performance. In fact, Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3) clocked in at a quicker speed than its successor.
Vista, both with and without SP1, took 80 seconds to complete the test, while SP3-enhanced XP took only 35 seconds.
By Devil Mountain’s measure, Vista’s performance only increased by two per cent with the addition of SP1. On the other hand, XP’s performance was enhanced by 10 per cent with its latest service pack.
CNet reports
that Microsoft responded to the test’s outcome with expected caution: "A Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement that although the company understood the interest in the service packs, they are ‘still in development’ and will continue to evolve before their release. ‘It has always been our goal to deliver service packs that meet the full spectrum of customer needs,’ the spokesperson said."
Vista is facing tough times, this test notwithstanding. A year after its release, only 13 per cent of businesses has adopted Vista, according to a survey of IT professionals.
We reported on these predictions (that XP’s latest service pack would push it ahead of Vista in overall performance) in our round-up of why Apple's Leopard is better than Vista.
In related news, CNET just published its list of terrible technology of 2007 and -- you guessed it -- Vista was on the list.
Consumers who shelled out for Vista may have been too early of an adopter, but the branding and ubiquity of Microsoft is difficult to ignore, and finding a new laptop or computer that doesn't come with Vista is difficult.
The savvy PC owner will be cautious about turning to an OS that may be high on hype but low on results.
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