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Shot dead for complaining about loud music

By Chris V. Thangham     Nov 25, 2007 in Crime
Police are hunting for a sixty year old man after a father of four was shot dead outside his home in Australia, after he complained about loud music from his neighbor’s home. The man was killed in front of his children outside his house.
Stephen Holmes, 41, a miner, was celebrating his promotion with his family at his home in Woonona, north of Wollongong, Australia. He and his family heard loud music from one of his neighbor’s home on his street. His children couldn’t sleep, so he went to his neighbor’s house and told him to keep the music down.
The neighbor got mad and took a handgun and yelled at him 'Come out here, you dog’.
His wife heard the sudden commotion and called the police, while she was on the phone she heard a gunshot. The angry neighbor had shot Holmes in the chest. Two of Holmes’ daughters Samantha, 16 and Juanita, 5 were with him at that time.
Other neighbors tried to revive him and care for him until the police and ambulance arrived, but he died soon after.
His wife, Angela, was devastated with her husband’s death, she said he just got a new appointment as deputy mine manager at Helensburgh Coal after 2 and ½ years of study and hard work. She said the world has lost a decent loving man and he worked hard for the company and for his family.
It was all for us. He wanted to give his family a better life…He was the best. He was a man of many jokes, the life of the party. Very outgoing,''
One of the neighbors said Holmes and the alleged killed had been involved in a previous dispute that led to a verbal confrontation. This time it turned out deadly for Holmes.
Yesterday the place where Mr. Holmes died was marked by a small posy of flowers and a drawing by one of his daughters.
Police are still hunting for the killer, who is described as a white European in his 60s. The suspect is said to be 175 centimeters tall, of medium build, with white thinning hair and tattoos on his left forearm.
The police are searching intensively for him around the area and found his abandoned car. They have cautioned the public not to go near him and call the police if they have any news about the killer.
It must be tough for Mrs. Holmes and the children. How one silly incident can ruin lives so suddenly. I hope they catch the killer soon before more harm is done.
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