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article imageSuggested Treatments For Carpal Tunnel Differ

By Bob Norman     Nov 16, 2007 in Health
Modern online lifestyle has produced a plethora of cases of carpal tunnel syndrome. Doctors ideas for the solution run from steroids to surgery to lifestyle changes. While most of the ideas have merit,not all produce the same results.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has been around in medical literature since the early 1900's. Simply put the condition is caused by compression of the median nerve at the wrist. While no definitive cause has been diagnosed, most doctors blame the malady on repetitive motions like typing or operating a mouse.
Treatment of the illness usually falls in one of two categories, either injections of steroids or surgery. Both means are effective but doctors argue about how long steroid treatments last and if they are a worthwhile option.
A new study,reported on Web MD, showed that after almost six years 42 per cent of people treated with steroids required further treatment compared to only 12 per cent after surgery.
The report indicates:"Although almost half of the patients initially injected do not need any more treatment in the long term, a little more than half will," conclude the researchers, who were led by Domingo Ly-Pen, MD, PhD, a family physician at "Gandhi" Health Center in Madrid. "Therefore, surgery appears to be more effective than injections in the long term."
US trend tracking group Toniq sees yet another approach. They note that our 24/7 information superhighway is not only causing carpal tunnel but mental and neurological problem like attention deficit disorder and depression as well. The solution the promote is more basic and long term.
Over the next 10 years, the big trend will be to reboot and replenish, "Cheryl" Swanson tells Advertising Age.
That means more will do yoga, sleep and daydream. There'll be more face time (as opposed to Facebook). And we will also be enlisting the help of organisers, people and products that can help us remove the clutter in our lives.
While carpal tunnel certainly isn't exclusive to internet users, it's no doubt the web has played a role in it's widespread appearance.
The age we live in is having a profound effect on our lives. Even in the dark of night, there are friends we can connect with around the globe. The internet can feed sexual predators, aid addiction and tear families apart. It can also keep us connected, informed and amused. Like everything it should be taken in moderation.
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