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O.J. Simpson to stand trial

By Brandigal (Donna)     Nov 14, 2007 in Crime
Breaking News: O.J. Simpson has been ordered by the Judge to stand trial for the Las Vegas hostage ordeal that took place on September 13, 2007. He plead not guilty to 12 charges that included conspiracy, kidnapping, robbery, burglary and coercion.
Justice of the Peace Joseph Bonaventure decided that they had enough evidence to go to trial.
If Simpson is found guilty he could go to prison for life.
Simpson claims he only went to the hotel room to retrieve items that he claims belongs to him.
Defense for Simpson claims the witnesses that were put on the stand had all cut deals with the prosecution such as reduced sentences.
Alfred Beardsley is a sports memorabilia dealer who claims Simpson and some men broke into his hotel room and stole items from his room. He was later hospitalized after having a nervous breakdown. He claims that one of the men had a semi-automatic weapon and another man had a gun in the waistband of his pants.
Beardsley claims the items did not belong to Simpson. He claims the items were bought at an auction after someone from Simpson's family defaulted on a storage payment. He does claim that he did not see Simpson carrying a weapon and that he believes Simpson truly believed that he owned the items in question.
Simpson is now heading back to Miami but he has to return to Las Vegas to be arraigned.
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