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British Judges Settle The Royal Family Of Brunei Family Feud

By Pamela Jean     Nov 9, 2007 in World
It's awfully tough to divide up the family fortune. Especially so for the royal family of Brunei. The sultan and his brother have been battling for years over what they considered an equitable division of the family's billions. Finally, a resolution.
Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, 60, and his youngest brother Prince Jefri, 51, have not spoken in years. Jefri has been living in exile in London. They have had an ongoing battle for the past 10 years as to what each considered a fair division of the families billions of dollars in assets.
It seems Sultan Hassanal felt that his brother Jefri had plundered his nation's assets. Jefri denies any such wrong doing, and as such refused to give in to his brothers demands for a larger share of the purse.
Jefri, the father of 17, was the former Finance Minister of Brunei, before leaving it all behind and fleeing to London.
His brother, the Sultan of Brunei carries on with the royal duties and currently serves as the country's monarch but also prime minister, defense minister, finance minister, supreme commander of the Armed Forces, Supreme Head of Islam and chief of police.
Seems he has an awful lot on his plate.
After hearing both sides of the story from the dueling brothers, 5 judges in London ordered Prince Jefri to hand over two hotels, three houses, diamonds, paintings and cash to his brother, the sultan.
Guess all of that hard work and determination payed off for Hassanal. I am sure he will be able to sleep easier tonight, secure in the knowledge that he won't be seeking public assistance anytime soon.
As for Jefri, my guess is he will be able to eek out a suitable lifestyle, even after the loss of the hotels, 3 houses and a few jewels and some artwork.
Wow, some folks really have it rough don't they?
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