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article imageStudy Shows Fewer Males Being Born

By ashley.woods4     Nov 7, 2007 in Lifestyle
Statistics now indicate that half as many boys as girls as now being born across the world. After numerous studies and tests, scientists have determined the cause to be pollution.
The findings and studies began with the Chippewas of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation community living on the shores of the St. Clair River outside Sarnia, Ontario. Leaders became shocked when they made discoveries of numerous health issues and miscarriages among pregnant women. They became even more shocked and puzzled when they realized there were many more girls being born than boys.
As MSN Health reports:
Jim Brophy, director of the Occupational Health Clinic for Ontario Workers’ Sarnia branch, remembers the look of shock on their faces when they suddenly made the connection. “It was like a deep family secret getting out,” Brophy recalls. “They had enough girls for three baseball teams, but not enough boys for even one boy team.”
The Chippewas of Aamjiwnaang live near a chemical plant known as the 'Chemical Valley.' They now suspect that the toxins in the water and air are contributing to the health issues and decreasing number of baby boys.
As of now, scientists have discovered similar problems in many more villages among the northernmost reaches of the Arctic Circle.
As MSN Health reports:Based on preliminary data released in September 2007, researchers are blaming high levels of man-made chemicals that have made their way up the food chain, through fish and other marine species, and into indigenous seafood diets.
Indigenous Arctic people are more prone to chemical contamination because they rely so heavily on local fish and marine life which are more likely to be contaminated with chemicals that imported food.
Even though scientists in the area have linked the decrease in male births with chemical contamination; they haven't yet determined which biological mechanisms are responsible for the changes.
As for the United States, currently more males are being born, however, the gap between male and female births have declined in recent (30) years.
As MSN Health reports:
“There are environmental and other factors—probably not genetics, because such changes couldn’t happen in a decade or two—working to threaten the ability of the human species to make healthy babies,” Davis told MSN.
The reasons behind the decline in male births in the United States is still be researched for a more clear answer because as of now, there are too many causes that could be a factor.
Fisch, a professor of urology at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, notes that a trend in older parents and an overall drop in sperm count among potential fathers could also be factors other than pollution in the U.S.
Fisch agrees along with many more scientists that this issue is crucial in determining the future of reproductive health.
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