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article imageFiction would never think of it: Radio waves destroy cancer cells in animals

By Paul Wallis     Nov 4, 2007 in Health
This is a story which is almost unbelievable. "Patient kills disease" would be a fair description. Cancer patient John Kanzius has discovered a way of treating tumors with a combination of nano particles and a patent radio wave transmitter.
Kanzius suffers from leukemia, and was moved by the effect of chemotherapy on others, which he says almost killed him.
He doesn’t have a college degree, but there’s nothing wrong with his logic, as this CBS story explains:
Asked by (CBS reporter) Schmidt what made him think he could cure cancer, Kanzius replied with a laugh, "What made me think I couldn't cure cancer? Nobody else was doing it!"
The technique introduces nano particles (carbon nanotubes) into tumors, which are then subjected to radio waves, heat up, and destroy the tumors. While scientists are going to understandable lengths to be cautious, the whole idea has received some stunned but pleased responses. There is an existing technique called radio ablation, but it’s not as effective, causes tissue damage and complications, and is limited in its uses.
This is a potentially an extremely important treatment methodology. It would certainly take a lot of the stress off the patients undergoing chemotherapy. Many patients say it’s worse than the disease. It’s physically debilitating, for very sick people, and affects recovery. Radioactive materials aren’t exactly fun to have around in the body, either, according to everyone.
As Kanzius says, targeting is the problem, rather than the technique itself. But targeting has improved drastically in the last decade or so, and it’s quite possible that genetic science and even ultrasound and MRI techniques could be used for that. From then on it’s just a matter of delivery.
This discovery hasn’t been getting much coverage from the world press. The CBS article dates from August, and it's slowly been picked up elsewhere.
Xinhua are only covering it now.
The LA Times did a much better job of it, and has a current article, covering the basic story and filling in the truly grim time Kanzius had while recovering from his own cancer and building his machine.
The University of Pennsylvania, Kanzius’ home state, took up the testing, after a bit of persuasion and after a sort of cross talk act about the idea and Kanzius’ sanity or lack of it, the University got to work.
In the meantime, it seems that the machine can also separate hydrogen from salt water… which will also interest practically every industry on Earth.
Seriously, if a movie is ever made of this, it will be a monster.
Test results are in PDF format, but you’d never believe a clinical report could be so riveting. I've never read a researcher jumping out of his skin before.
The treatment works, and has killed liver cancer cells in rabbits.
I've always thought radio waves were good for more than talkback and endless babble.
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