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Italy Boots Murderous Gypsies

By Joie Maccarone     Nov 3, 2007 in World
Rome, Italy has been plagued by Romanian Gypsies to such proportions that the number of citizens whom are being killed is quite alarming. Italians can no longer tolerate having their lives at risk that, they are now giving them the official boot.
Imagine that you are a tourist pleasantlly striding through the crafty streets of Rome. Suddenly, you notice a "young woman accidentally drop her baby, or even throw it into your arms". I believe your natural instinct would be to reach out and try to save the baby, With baby in your arms you will be swarmed by a group gypsies at such a speed that you will be mentally unable to process what has just occurred and by the time your senses come back to you, the Gypsies will have magically disappear. And when you finally tend to the baby, you’ll notice that it is nothing more than "a plastic doll. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself stuck with a real baby." The infant "may be one they’ve kidnapped "for the sole purpose of the robbery.
And if you are lucking enough to find yourself standing in nothing more than your underwear, be grateful, for at least, they haven't slit your throat.
But since Romania's accession to the EU this year, the existing problem with Gypsies has only intensified
The Italian government has given local authorities the power to . expel vicious European Union citizens who pose a threat to public security. The people in question are politely referred to as Romanians but in truth , they are Gypsies.
It has been reported that well over 1,000 Romanian Gypsies immigrate to Italy each month. And from June, to October, Italy has noted that, in this such a short time frame, that these Gypsies committed at least 76 murders . This means that an average of 20 people are being murdered, each and every month.
In Rome, Mayor Walter Veltroni claims the Romanian Gypsies are responsible for 75% of all of its heinous crimes.
In a move to fight “episodes of heavy violence and ferocious crime,” and “for reasons of public safety,” Italy’s Prime Minister Roman Prodi and his cabinet approved a decree, which gives authorities the power to expel European Union citizens. He justified this act by stating, “We are not acting out of rage, but we are determined to keep a high and just level of security for our citizens. Therefore, Prodi is purposing that the EU vote on a new law, which will change the existing legislation.
The BBC as reported “The new powers are in force immediately but parliament must vote within 60 days for them to remain in effect.”
What has finally brought Mr. Prodi to take immediately action, .is the continuous string of violent crimes caused by Romanian Gypsies. Apparently they have set up camp throughout major cities such as Rome. These gypsies are known to be extremely violent and resort to unimaginable techniques to rob and murder unsuspecting victims. But, it is the latest atrocity, which prompted Mr. Prodi to draft a new bill that would allow Italy and other countries that belong to the EU to expel them.
AP reported An Italian woman was mercilessly beaten, pulled through mud and throw in a ditch. The blame was laid on a Gypsy camp resident that impels Italian officials to order deportation of any EU citizen considered dangerous. "Horror in Rome" read the banner front-page headline in unusually large type for Il Messaggero, a daily in Rome. "End of tolerance," began an accompanying editorial. The woman, 47, wife of an Italian naval commander, was attacked as she walked along a road toward the military barracks where she lives after getting off a train near a Gypsy camp after dark Tuesday, police said.Police at a news conference Thursday at Rome police headquarters said the woman was found after a Gypsy woman who witnessed the attack flagged down a bus in the isolated area.The victim "was unconscious, breathing with difficulty," said Roberto Fornaiolo, one of the policemen who found the woman, who had been tossed into a ditch."She was covered with mud because she was dragged across the ground. At first we couldn't make out the bruises because there was so much blood on her face," Fornaiolo said, adding that the woman's underwear and pants had been pulled down.” News reports said the woman appeared to have been sexually attacked, but investigators could not immediately be reached to see if rape had been determined. The suspect, a Romanian in his 20s identified as Nicolae Mailat, had scratches on his back, possibly indicating his victim had struggled to fend him off. Sant'Andrea hospital said the woman was in a coma, not responding to stimuli, but that tests showed brain activity.The naval officer's wife was the latest high-profile victim of violent crime in recent months in the capital blamed on Romanians. Oscar-winning director Giuseppe Tornatore was hospitalized after he was punched in the jaw by one of two muggers in an upscale neighborhood over the summer.”
Mr Prodi seems certain that Italy is not the only European county which has fallen prey to these murderous land pirates. He is hoping that Europe's home office ministers will meet with him and discuss ways in which the problem can be remedied. In fact, what Mr. Prodi is really asking, is for EU countries to agree to a new legislation which would give them the power and the authority needed to rid themselves of these outlaws.
At the moment, Europe is waiting to see how Brussel will respond to the new purposed legislation.
In Romania, it seems the prime minister would rather send their police liaison officers to most of Italy’s major cities as opposed to having these undesirables return to his country.
This week in the UK, a high court judge refused the British government's request to expel a EU national who was convicted of a 1995 murder. The judge made a point of explaining that his decision was based solely on the existing EU legislation.
It will be interesting to see what the EU decide.
Italy can no longer afford to tolerant Gypsies or any other group of immigrants who pose such a dangerous threat to its society and is quite prepared to take drastic measures to free itself from having their precious lives in peril.
It seems apparent to me that, Gypsies is synonymous with thieves and murderers.
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