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Spider bite no excuse for rape, court says

By RobotGod     Nov 2, 2007 in Crime
An Australian man who kidnapped and raped a woman blamed a spider for the entire incident. But the only creepy and dangerous thing in this weird story has two legs, and it's him.
Philip Spiers pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping the woman, but told a court that the poison from a funnel-web spider bite had left him with a viral illness which led to his actions.
Funny, I never heard of a spider bite poison causing humans to rape other humans. That might explain the state of the world actually.
A toxicologist told the New South Wales state District Court that there was no medical evidence to suggest that a spider bite could be responsible for anger and hatred.
He kidnapped and raped the woman in 1997, but was sentenced on Wednesday to eight years in jail.
Next he'll be claiming that his own rape in prison led to his suicide. oh...that actually seems plausible.
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