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article imageZombie Town: Not Worth A Visit.

By Joe Vannicola     Nov 2, 2007 in Entertainment
A few years ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I wrote for the now defunct website Red Hot Planet . Although I never received the money promised to me, a company called MTI Home Video would send me screener videos in exchange for promoting their releases.
I still receive free screeners from them to this day, even though Red Hot Planet has ceased to exist. The trouble is, while some of MTI's films are actually very good, many others are just plain, flat out awful. I mean, I 've watched movies that stank so badly I swear someone crammed a three day old fish into my DVD player. Well, ZOMBIE TOWN is definitely one of those films.
Cheap looking, gratuitously gory, with bad lighting and chockful of sophomoric humor, this movie barely qualifies as a professional endeavor. And there's not one moment of originality, either. It's all been done before and done better. First time writer/director/ producer Damon Lemay wears many hats on this production yet still delivers to his audience a pitifully poor excuse of a horror film.
An inept mechanic, Jake La Fond, discovers his sleepy little town has become infested with parasite ridden zombies who were formerly the local town folk. His ex-girlfriend Alex, a scientist, deduces that slugs are responsible for the terrible transformation and accidentally discovers that plain old salt destroys the parasitic monsters. Together with their friend Randy, the trio drive to the local water tower with a truck load of rock salt intent on filling the tower with salt and then dynamiting the structure in hopes of killing all of the zombies.
In the end, after an uneven mixture of gore, humor and with more F bombs thrown in than you can shake a stick at, Jake and Alex, their relationship now rekindled, walk away hand in hand while in the background, zombies are still roaming around suggesting a sequel somewhere down the road. Truth be told, that is one film I would not look forward to seeing, free screener aside.
One of ZOMBIE TOWNS more ridiculous scenes (and there are many) happens when Jake's brother Denton, who has become one of the zombies, is seen by the town sheriff eating a victim. He's then taken into custody and placed into a jail cell instead of being shot to death. Which is typical of the humor Lemay uses throughout the movie. Perhaps someone else would find scenes like this one howlingly funny. But not me. I just wanted this exercise in bad filmmaking to be over and done with.
Yes sir, ZOMBIE TOWN is another shining jewel in MTI Home Video's crown. On the upside however, I didn't have to pay to watch this crapfest. And that's a good thing.
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