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Ghost Hunter Fans Disappointed

By Samantha A. Torrence     Nov 1, 2007 in Entertainment
Last night a live 6 hour Ghost Hunters program aired as a special Halloween episode. Filled with intrigue, celebrities, and live interactive options the show was hyped up to be the best yet, but was it?
Waverly Hills Sanatorium is rumored to be one of the most haunted hospitals in the United States. Last night however, Waverly wasn't haunted by Ghosts but by Ghost Hunters.
Halloween night is a prime night to hunt for ghosts as the veil between worlds is thinned to welcome the spirits of the dead to walk on earth. In hopes of catching the fabled full body apparition on the haunted eve, or perhaps any kind of paranormal activity, TAPS members set up cameras in the most active areas of the hospital. These cameras were accessible on the SciFi website along with a "Panic Button" so fans watching could alert the investigators of possible activity. During the live chat on the TAPS main page it was boasted that there were over 100,000 hits on the panic button.
The TAPS main page was not the only page hosting a live chat, SciFi also hosted rooms that had over 1000 people participating. The discussions on the chat ranged from what was happening in the show, to the latest costumes for Halloween, and even questions about TAPS members themselves.
The consensus this morning after last night's event is disappointment. The professionalism of the TAPS crew as well as the hand that SciFi had in the event was questioned heavily by fans in the chat and on the message boards. The major complaints seem to set around two female investigators, the amount of people involved in the investigation, and the inclusion of ECW wrestler Elijah Burke.
The two investigators in question are TAPS members Heather and Kristen who allegedly did a slap shod investigation as well as being completely rude to one of the contestants of Hunt for the Hunter. Elijah Burke added glam but not professionalism to the hunt last night by talking more than was warranted for an investigation.
All the evidence collected last night was also compromised by some questionable appearances of people near highly active areas of the hospital that did not seem to be involved in the investigation. Thermals revealed a man sitting on stairs near a ball that rolled 16 ft. However the ball did rock on its own live on the camera and the taps crew verified that there was no wind in that hallway. The ball was placed to lure out the spirit of a child named Timmy who was caught on thermals during a previous investigation. Another thermal image revealed a person ducking behind a door after a quick peek and a wave. Lastly the investigators caught a person running down another hallway with a flashlight. Waverly seemed to be crawling with live humans last night.
All this speculation is causing much suspense in the Ghost Hunters community as the fans wait in anticipation for the Nov 7th episode for the evidence reveal of the Waverly investigation.
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