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Texas town on sale at eBay for $2.5 million

By Chris V. Thangham     Nov 1, 2007 in Entertainment
The owner of a small town in Texas has put the place for sale in an eBay auction for $2.5 million. It covers 13 acres and is 50 miles away from San Antonio. The auction will close on November 23rd.
Bobby Cave is the owner of the town named Albert and wants to sell the area for $2.5 million (minimum) on eBay. Cave says he would like to move n to another venture, and he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore this small town.
Eric Meissner, Cave's friend and co-listing agent, said Albert qualifies as a town because it used to have a post office. It also has a history: The town was named in 1892 after Albert Luckenbach, who lends his name to another tiny Hill Country town named Luckenbach. Meissner said there is still a road sign with Albert’s name on it. There is no longer a post office, however.
Cave has built a tavern that is open on weekends. He claims they have the “cleanest public restrooms in Texas”. Besides this, there is a pavilion, an 85-year-old dance hall, a tractor shed, a three bedroom house, and peach and pecan orchards are all included in the sale.
His friend suggested he list the town on eBay, which he did. So far it has reached a bidding of $300,000 but unless it reaches a reserve price of $2.5 million it won’t be sold.
Cave, 47, a real estate agent told the media:
"It's a concept. It's one of a kind….It's more like a piece of art than it is a real estate property. That's why eBay sounded so good to us. It's quirky."
Cave said he initially had plans to turn the place into a tourist destination, including plans for a restaurant and cabins. Now, he says he will turn over the plans along with the town if the buyer is interested.
Hani Durzy, an eBay spokesman, said listing an entire town for auction is very uncommon. They welcome the idea, saying it's fun (not mention the fees eBay will collect if this thing sells, and the publicity they get for doing it).
Believe it or not, this was not the first town that went for sale on eBay. Another town for sale was in Bridgeville, northern California, and it went on sale in 2002 and again last year without any success. This town has 83 acres.
Personally, I think it's a good investment for those who can afford it. San Antonio is a rapidly growing city, so Albert might be a good choice for many to live in the future?
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