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Valerie Plame Says Her Disclosure is Treason

By William Suphan     Oct 26, 2007 in Politics
Former classified CIA agent Valerie Plame, who was outed as such by the Bush Administration told Chris Matthews of MSNBC that the disclosure amounts to treason while on Hardball.
By now you've heard the story: Valerie Plame was a covert agent for the CIA and was outed by people in the Bush Administration allegedly as a political attack against her husband, New York Times columnist Ambassador Joseph Wilson because of a critical article he penned.
Now Plame is appearing very publicly on television with her stance that the disclosure was nothing short of treason.
"When your husband filed that story,"said Matthews, "he must have known, didn't he, that he was gonna light a match that was going to lead all the way to you?"
Plame's response was that her outing was not only a surprise, but treasonous. Further adding, "You cannot possibly be suggesting that with Joe's credentials, my airtight cover, that we actually anticipated that senior government officials would commit treason by blowing my covert identity."
See the video for the full clip. Original story at Raw Story.
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