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Witness: Princess Diana spoke after crash

By Chris V. Thangham     Oct 25, 2007 in Entertainment
A witness to the Paris car crash incident of Princess Diana told the inquest that Diana spoke after the crash. He tried to rescue her from the wreckage before the firefighters arrived at the scene.
An inquest is examining the deaths of Diana and her companion, Dodi Fayed, in Paris, where the couple had been pursued by paparazzi. One witness in this inquest, Damian Dalby told them after the car crash, he and his brother rushed over to the wreckage of the Princess Diana’s Mercedes after it crashed in the Pont d’Alma tunnel on August 31, 1997.
Dalby was a volunteer French Firefighter at that time. He said after the crash the car was surrounded by photographers. Dalby quickly went through them towards Diana in order to assist her. Nobody stopped him from doing this rescue job.
Ian Burnett, lead lawyer for the inquest asked Dalby, whether the lady in the car (Diana) tried to speak?
Dalby replied:
Yes, she was saying: 'Oh my God, Oh my God,"'
Dalby then said Police arrived and moved the photographers away. Some of them were still taking pictures of the accident, and he tried to stop them from taking pictures. One of the photographers said the public must know that Princess Diana is alive.
Dalby’s brother also gave testimony at this inquest and he said he helped the police to move the photographers away.
As CNN reports:
"The inquest -- required by British law when someone dies unexpectedly, violently or of unknown causes -- had been delayed for 10 years because of the two exhaustive investigations by French and British police."
The investigation by the French and the British Police concluded that the accident was caused by Henri Paul who was drunk and driving too fast.
Fayed’s father Dodi, who pressed for this inquest, still believes the couple were the targets of a plot orchestrated by Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II.
I think they should put this case to rest for the sake of Diana’s children once this inquest is over. It must be hard for them to hear about this so many times.
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