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article imageLance Bass Hid Sexuality to Protect Band’s Future: Autobiography

By Nathalie Caron     Oct 24, 2007 in Entertainment
In his autobiography, released yesterday, Lance Bass reveals how keeping his sexuality secret led him to live in constant fear and worry that it could have devastating results on his band’s, ‘NSync, success.
As MTV reports, Lance Bass, singer in pop act ‘NSync and who came out of the closet last year, has revealed in his autobiography (Out of Sync: A Memoir) details about the lengths he had to go to, to keep his homosexuality a secret and the effects this had on him.
Bass, who intended to protect the integrity of his heart-throb pop band, made some of his friends, family and employees sign non-disclosure agreements, forcing them into silence. Bass says even his close friends and band mates were unaware of his sexuality.
"I was embarrassed," said Bass, to MTV. "The embarrassment wasn't that I was gay, it was that, 'I've known you for this long, and I have been hiding this [secret] from you.' I felt like I had to lie to my friends."
‘NSync’s publicist had requested that the performers never be seen with women, and other no-no’s such as cigarettes and alcohol, in order to preserve their squeaky-clean image. But Bass explains that he was never asked to hide his sexuality, as not even his publicist knew.
"There were many times, early in our career, where there were a lot of questions about everyone else's sexuality, so when you're talking with the other guys, you see how they really react," Bass said.
"One time, we questioned Chris [Kirkpatrick], because he had a gay friend, and the reaction was we'd be doomed if anyone knew about it. That set it straight in my head that I would never be able to talk about it or tell anyone, and I would just have to hide it."
Bass also suspected his band mates would eventually learn he was gay, since he never dated.
"When you're best friends with someone and you don't have a girlfriend for four years, and you're not seen with anyone, you sort of start figuring it out," he said.
While the band took a break in 2002, following Justin Timberlake’s solo endeavour, Bass still chose to keep his personal feelings secret. But after being forced out by the paparazzi last year, the pop star says he feels much better.
“When I did come out and kind of accepted it, and shared it with the world, and saw how greatly it was accepted, and how a lot of people were relating to the stories — I'd have people come up to me, telling me, 'Because of what you did, I had the courage to come out to my family' — it was such an encouraging experience, I wanted to share my life story with other people, to see if it could help others."
Lance Bass is now acting in "Hairspray" on Broadway as part of a six-month engagement.
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