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Sources: Kobe Bryant traded this week

By Chris V. Thangham     Oct 23, 2007 in Sports
There is a persistent rumor for the past few months about Kobe Bryant getting traded to another team. But the rumors have increased even more the last few days, inside sources for Sports Illustrated say that he may get traded in a week.
Kobe Bryant and owner Jerry Buss are feuding since last year, Kobe is not happy with the make up of the team and demanded they either get more quality players or trade him to another team. When the season started he didn’t practice the first few weeks and didn’t move in with the team, some thought he is forcing the team to trade him. Later he showed up to play the preseason games for the Lakers.
Inside sources say that Kobe Bryant will not be a Los Angeles Laker on October 30th when the NBA season starts for them. Since there are not similar high profile player like Kobe Bryant in other teams, he might be traded for a number of players and for a considerable sum of money.
Phil Jackson, the coaching legend of the Lakers, has the personnel powers now, so he wants Kobe to stay and want to work with him to get the best for the Lakers. But it seems the Buss family, Jerry Buss, his son Jim and his daughter Jeanie, has given orders to Jackson to trade him at whatever the cost maybe for the Lakers.
Unless we see the big announcement, we can’t believe the rumors. The rumors usually don’t start unless there are some truths to i and here it appears to be. It happened with Shaquille O’Neal before they traded him to Miami. With Buss as the owner anything can happen, thanks to him the Lakers have gone from a three time Championship team to a contender team. Maybe they should trade him elsewhere if possible instead of Kobe Bryant.
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