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More Black Bears Migrating Into New York's Southern Tier

By Debra Myers     Oct 22, 2007 in Environment
Black bears are finding their way into area towns these days, and not only catching people unaware, but causing a few accidents as they run across highways. So far this year there have been up to a dozen reports of sightings or incidents involving bears.
Bath, NY - More bears are migrating into New York from Pennsylvania, and it seems that they are here to stay. Bath Police Chief Dave Rouse says that they are being seen more frequently.
On October 11th, around 10 p.m., a motorist hit what he thought was a Rottweiler near a grocery store in Bath. However, as he watched it run away, it was then the motorist realized he had hit a bear cub. Fifteen minutes earlier, a call came into the police station where there had been a sighting of a large bear walking the railroad tracks not far from where the cub was hit.
“The bears are here to stay,” Rouse said.
Above the town of Bath is the Mossy Bank Park, where there have been reports of bears knocking over garbage cans. The village, may end up requiring all visitors to carry out what they've brought in. “This will require a great deal of education for the public,” Rouse said.
The education that Rouse speaks of is learning how to discourage bears for looking for food in the neighborhoods.
This is fascinating to me, as I've lived in this part of New York all of my life and have never seen a bear. We have had bears leave foot prints around our home in the past, but have never had the opportunity to see them.
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