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Prostitute raped and robbed by justice system?

By Chris V. Thangham     Oct 21, 2007 in Crime
A Philadelphia female judge dropped all sex and assault charges for a defendant and three others for forcing a prostitute at gunpoint to have sex with them. Instead she charged them for “theft of services”.
Municipal Judge Teresa Carr Deni gave this sentencing that astonished everyone and maybe the defendants as well for letting them go off lightly on the rape charges.
The victim, a prostitute, 20 year old single mother, agreed to have oral and regular sex for $150 an hour after placing an ad in Craigslist according to district attorney Rich DeSipio. She met the defendant, Dominique Gindraw, 19, after agreeing to meet in his house, but instead turned out to be an abandoned property in North Philadelphia.
Gindraw asked her whether she would also have sex with his friend for another $100. She agreed, but instead met his friend with his gun along with his other friends. They raped her and she left crying. She agreed to have sex but not unprotected gang sex forced under duress with a gun on her head. Which the Judge Deni failed to see, who said to the reporter:
She consented and she didn't get paid . . . I thought it was a robbery.”
DeSipio was very angry with this ruling and trying to write her own laws when there are laws clearly written that one forced to have sex is rape. He said she ruled based on her feelings about prostitution. The judge is supposed to rule based on laws not what one feels about the person.
The reporter met the Judge and asked her feedback about the case and she still maintains her position.
Judge Deni said to her that the victim had sex with another client before she went to report it to the police. And said cases like this "minimizes true rape cases and demeans women who are really raped." Maybe the victim is trying to make a living for the family and these incidents are not connected.
The worst thing was the same defendant was charged for a similar crime against another victim, a 23 year old woman just a few days later.
DeSipio wanted to prosecute the second case but since the same Judge Deni was presiding, he knew that he won’t get the correct judgment and didn’t want to proceed further. Judge Deni as a result dropped the case and the defendant got lucky the second time.
Police Detective Jack Ryan, who investigated the incidents, said the victims in the two cases knew their attackers and feared for their lives. He also was appalled by the Deni’s decision to drop the sex charges and feels sorry for the victims.
Deni acknowledged that her ruling and remarks would be controversial, but has no qualms about the decision she has made. She said she slept well before she made the first decision.
DeSipio is planning to file the cases again under a different judge and he hopes the next judge will be better able to differentiate between a violated business agreement and a violent attack.
Some may not like prostitution, but still at the end of the day she is a human being, no one should be put under a gun and forced to have sex. She deserves the same judgment like everyone else, it doesn’t matter what job she is doing. Even the Mafia will find it appalling with this decision and against the perverts.
Do you agree with the Judge Deni’s decision?
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