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article imageOp-Ed: Where Is Your Hope?

By KJ Mullins     Oct 14, 2007 in Lifestyle
When you read the news it quickly becomes apparent that the Earth is not a friendly place. Mankind has little regard for their neighbour. The world is rebelling as climate changes hit hard. Viruses are stronger. Where is the hope?
Journalists look for the bad. Blood and pain and sex are top sellers. Humour articles are here and there but the humour is often part of the sickness that is crime. The human species is not a very noble creature.
Today Israel hit a Syrian nuclear reactor with an air strike. The United States uses mercenaries to protect their officals in Iraq. There is no quick fix in the war in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Children take up arms to kill their peers. A man kills himself after killing his wife and stepchildren. Instead of being in school young girls are forced into marriages.
The climate is hotter, humidity is higher. The bees are disappearing. The food that was hoped to feed more is causing environmental problems.
Diseases are stronger. Blood isn't as safe. Infants are dying. The birds have a flu that could wipe out many.
So where is the hope? Some rely on a faith to their God. Some rely on their faith in science. Some have stopped relying.
Personally I rely on the hope that there is a spark somewhere in the human collective that shouts out enough! Wars are stupid. Having better weapons to stop all life on this planet is insanity. Food is meant to be grown as it was for centuries. Children are meant to play and laugh and grow in peace. Lovers are meant to love. Friends are meant to be cherished.
Neighbours are meant to join together and bridge problems quickly so that they are mended.
Neighbour means further than your backyard.
My hope is that the planet can right itself with the help of humans who figure out the gift that we have been given and respect it.
I hope that we just don't wait until it's too late.
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