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School Shooting Averted As Homeschooler Is Arrested

By KJ Mullins     Oct 11, 2007 in World
A fourteen year old homeschool Philadelphia student could have been the latest mass murderer. He had tried to recruit another boy to help him attack a school after being bullied.
In his bedroom was an arsenal of guns, knives and hand grenades. Police took him into custody after a search of his bedroom Wednesday night according to a Canoe report.
The targeted school was Plymouth Whitemarsh High School.
In the cache of guns was a 9mm assault rifle that the mother had recently gotten the teenager. Also included with that cache were 30 air-powered guns, swords, knives, hand grenades, a book of how to make bombs, videos of the 1999 Columbine attack and notebooks filled with violence. The weapons were within view of entering the boy's bedroom.
There was no ammunition for the assault rifle which was the most dangerous of the stash found.
The boy may have made the seven devices that have been described as homemade grenades. They were composed on BBs and gunpowder. One of the grenades was in working order while the other six were in the processing stage.
"I do not think an attack was imminent and I am not certain that an attack was going to occur at all," Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor Jr said at a news conference. "It could have simply been big talking by a kid who thought that he was bullied previously and he was going to exact his revenge."
The child had been in public school during middle school but was being homeschooled after he voluntarily left the public school system.
The police were notified by a father and his son about the teen in question.
The child has been charged with solicitation to commit terror and other counts. He is being charged as a juvenile and being held at a youth facility. His first court appearance is Friday morning.
The parents have not been named. At this time Castor did not believe they had retained a lawyer.
"They are now under investigation by us, concerning whether there's any complicity in putting the weapon in this boy's hands," Castor said.
Classes went as scheduled Thursday at the high school.
This follows another school killing spree on Wednesday at a Cleveland, Ohio school where a 14 year old wounded four and killed himself.
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