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article imageOp-Ed: The Return Of Don Imus - Will He Change His Ways?

By Joe Vannicola     Oct 10, 2007 in Entertainment
It was not even a year ago that radio "shock jock" Don Imus was ceremoniously fired from his TV and radio show following racial slurs he directed at the Rutgers women's basketball team amid a storm of well deserved criticism from an outraged public.
Word has it that Imus will be assigned the morning slot at WABC as of Dec1. After settling with former employer CBS for a $20 million dollar pay day, Imus is now legally free to return to the airwaves. And you can bet a dollar to a doughnut the players that Imus offended will be listening very closely to his show to see if he has changed his ways.
Reverend De Forest Soares, the man responsible for acting as mediator during Imus's apology to the players said in an interview to The Daily News, "If he shows signs of not having changed, we will register our displeasure."
Naturally, the reaction to Imus's radio comeback was mixed at the Rutgers campus. There were those students who felt that Imus had been sufficiently punished, while others, particularly women, felt that his slur against the basketball players was a slur against them.
According to the Daily News article (linked above), The Reverend Al Sharpton, who orchestrated the firing of Imus, asked if "there are any safeguards in his contract against his past behavior."
So as you can see, come December, Sharpton, the Rutgers women's basketball team and the rest of the country (if not the world) will be watching Imus the way a scientist watches a bug through a microscope. One wrong move and the public as well as the press will gladly rake him over the coals again. If this does occur, Imus will again deserve whatever brickbats come his way and then some.
Remember, Imus has made a career out of being surly, sarcastic and highly critical of others; it's his trademark. Oh, he may tweak his act a bit to avoid getting fired again, in addition to being skewered in the court of public opinion.
But don't expect a complete turnaround from him. That would be completely unrealistic.
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