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Get the Kinks out of your Kitty

By Susan Keeping     Oct 6, 2007 in Health
Actually, it's not just for your cat. Chiropractic care for animals has exploded in the past few years. Most frequently it is used on horses, dogs, and cats. Many humans have gotten great relief from the chiropractor, so why not our animal friends?
Dr. Dina Livolsi, who is a also a chiropractor for humans, says
"What works for people in chiropractic treatment works for animals, too. Generally speaking, mammals are very similar. For one thing, nearly all of them have seven cervical vertebrae, or neck bones. They're just bigger or smaller in a giraffe, a mouse or a man. One of the differences, she explained, is that gravity is harder on upright, two-legged humans, and that by having four-legged structure, animals are less prone to problems and seem to heal more quickly."
The American Veterinary Chiropractic Association is the regulating body for animal chiropractors in the United States, their mission is to "provide public educational, social, credentialing, and professional services to the animal chiropractic community and the community at large; locally, nationally and internationally, within the Standards, Bylaws and Code of Ethics set forth by the AVCA." Veterinary colleges now offer courses in animal chiropractic. In Canada, one of the certification courses is called the Canadian Animal Chiropractic Certification Program. This course is available to accredited chiropractors and veterinarians. Training concentrates specifically on treating horses and dogs. Other courses and diplomas are offered by veterinary college around the world.
Cats have similar areas to humans that require chiropractic adjustments, usually the neck and the lower back. A simple adjustment can make your kitty feel a lot better and maybe he will be less cranky when you pet him.
As with human chiropractic treatments, treating animals has its critics also. But, the same people who try to debunk animal chiropractic also argue that human treatments do not work. I can tell you that I have gotten great relief from chiropractic adjustments.
I don't see what is wrong with offering these treatments to animals. Usually, chiropractic care is cheaper than the alternatives that might include surgery or painful injections.
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