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article imageItalian men offered cash by government to move out of their mom's home

By Chris V. Thangham     Oct 6, 2007 in Entertainment
Italian government is giving out cash to thousands of Italians to leave the home of the mother’s, so they can start to live on their own. Eight out of ten Italians aged under 30 live at home.
Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, the finance minister, made this announcement and said it was vital for these reluctant Italians to move away from home and become more independent.
According to the statistics quoted in the newspaper, currently eight out of 10 Italians under age 30 live at their momma’s home and the average age for moving out is 36.
Padoa-Schioppa said we have to get these big babies out of the house left home himself at the age of 19 to work in Germany. He wants others to do the same leave early. By staying at home, these Italians remain unmarried or have any independence.
Italian men make up the bulk of those staying at home, at around 67 per cent, and a mocking phrase has even been coined to describe them: "Mammoni" or "Big Mummy's boys".
The government starting next year will offer almost £700 in tax relief to Italians under 30 earning less than £10,500 a year, and half of that to those earning more. The government will also pay 19 percent for the renting costs for University students if they study a minimum 65 miles from their home.
Alessandro Rosino, an economist at Milan's Bocconi University, cites other reasons for the young Italians staying at home, he said because of the high cost of living and lack of jobs. The average wage for Italians aged between 25 and 30 is only half of what their peers in England earn, so it is difficult for them to find their own homes. And those who try leaving home come soon after as the expenses becomes unmanageable.
Others are complaining because of young Italians are staying at home, it the country is losing its growth potential and innovation.
Renato Brunetta, a Right-wing politician, said there is "little movement either geographically, socially or professionally and little propensity to risk".
Flavio Insinna, a famous television quiz show host said he stayed at his mom’s house until he was 42 years old and also had a girlfriend. He said he didn’t feel the need for moving because he loved his mom and not because of the costs.
Many other Italians happily send their laundry home to their mothers, and 43 per cent, when they do finally move out, rent or buy homes less than a mile from their parents.
Two Italian academics also don’t fault the blame on the young Italians rather on their “Clingy parents” who don’t let their sons move out. These parents use their extra income to bribe them into staying at home.
Italians are close knit, as long they are comfortable living together until they get married there should be no problems. Besides, momma’s food must be really good they can’t find elsewhere. In Asian countries, the children live with their parents until they get married or move to a different city, and also take care of their parents during their retirement years. The Italians might be doing the same thing take care of their parents when it is their turn to protect them.
Do you see such a trend in your country or town?
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