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High tech "Meth Scanner" detects meth on clothes, skin

By RobotGod     Oct 5, 2007 in Technology
A local company has found a way to help fight meth. CDEX Inc. has developed a device which can instantly detect trace amounts of the drug. Right now it's being tested in Greenlee County, northeast of Tucson.
Kvoa reports that the scanner knows instantly if a substance is meth or not. It detects traces of the drug down to one tenth of one millionth of a gram on clothes, skin, as well as other surfaces.
"When you pull the trigger, UV light comes out of the lamps," says Wade Poteet, the principal scientist behind the scanner.
And it is simple. Just point and shoot.
Eventually, future models will be able to test other drugs as well, and even find explosives.
"We believe there are other applications, we've only begun to scratch the surface," Poteet says.
Production is expected to start at the end of the year. Eventually they believe they will cost between $500 and $600 dollars.
"There are benefits all the way around: we know what we got, we know how to charge people and who to keep a hold of," Sexton says.
They say that the next step is to convince the courts of the science behind the detection. That way the justice system will accept it, just like radar guns.
They just might be onto something here. It would sure cut down the use of illegal drugs.
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