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Canada: Bread Prices Rising

By Bob Ewing     Oct 4, 2007 in Food
The high cost of flour is forcing bakeries to raise the price of bread according to a number of Edmonton bakeries. Consumers will pay more for their daily slice as prices increase.
Record high wheat prices are forcing a rise in what consumers will pay for a loaf of bread, as the price of flour goes up.
For example, bakeries in Edmonton are saying that they either have increased their bread prices or are planning to within the next week or two.
Pete Plaizier is the manager of Bee-Bell Health Bakery said the price of flour has increased by 20 per cent in the past week alone.
"We don't know where the flour pricing is going to stop," Plaizer said. "I do expect it to go quite a bit higher. It's changing daily and it's going up daily."
"It has basically gone up $250 dollars a pallet, which is a third more than what we were paying a week ago, so it's not something, when you're charging $3 for a loaf of bread, that you can absorb,. With that much of an increase, we have to reflect the cost which, unfortunately, the consumer will have to, you know, eat." Perry Schwabenbauer, who owns the Artistic Bake Shop said.
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