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article imageDaisy the dog finds the meal of her dreams... a mammoth bone

By Chris V. Thangham     Oct 3, 2007 in Entertainment
Daisy, a miniature wire-haired dachshund, discovered a bone along the beach, which turned out to be a mammoth’s. The bone weighed eight pounds and it belonged to a mammoth which lived more than two million years ago in England.
Daisy the dog according to the owner likes to pick up a stick or a dead fish along the shores of the Dunwich beach near Southwold, Suffolk, England. One day she got more than she bargained far, a massive bone, which should couldn’t pick it up alone. So, she waited for her master, who took the bone out for her and was astonished to find it belonged to a Southern Elephant, a type of mammoth that once roamed England two million years ago.
The bone was 13 inches in length and weighed eight pounds. The Southern Elephant was a massive creature of the past which grew up to 14 feet in height and weighed about 16 tons. That is one of the reasons the bone weighed heavy to support the heavy Southern Elephant.
Southern Elephant, a type of mammoth.
The owner Dennis Smith, a 69 year old retired turf salesman from Witham, Essex, was happy that his dog found this exciting discovery. He knew right away that it was a mammoth’s bone, and later it was confirmed to be a Southern Elephant or archidiskodon meriodonalis by a local geology group.
Bob Markham, Chairman of the geology group said the mammoth had lived between 1.75 million to two million years ago during the Pliocene or Pleistocene era.
He said the remains of mammoth is quiet common in this area, but he is glad that it was discovered by the little dog. He said if the bone had been of recent origin it might have made a good meal for the dog, but since it is too old, all its nutrition might have been replaced with iron oxide element.
It must have been disappointing for the dog to lose such a big meal, hope the owner or the geology group gives her a big steak with lots of bones.
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