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Parents kick out teen girl for being bisexual, Girl commits suicide

By Chris V. Thangham     Oct 3, 2007 in Crime
A 14 year old girl confides her bisexual secret to her parents, but they kick her out of the house instead. In despair, girl leaves the class, gets a gun and shoots herself to death.
Taylor Jo Doherty, 14, had apparently bisexual feelings and was ridiculed by her classmates for being bisexual. When she tried to confide to her parents about her bisexuality, they disowned her and kicked her out of the home. More information is available here but the site is not working right now or the article has been removed. I could only find this video shown here about Taylor Jo Doherty.
After she was kicked out of her home, she apparently went to get a gun right away and shot herself to death. Whatever the reason, it is hard on a young girl or boy when your own parents disown you at the time of trouble. The school is bullying you and ridiculing you and then to top it off your parents disown you. I think it might have been too much for poor Taylor.
How she was able to get a gun that easily is also a question needs to be answered. It is a tragic story; I hope the parents who read her story should show better judgment than kick their own children out.
The video shows 14 year old Taylor Jo Doherty. She is a pretty girl, too bad her life was cut short. There are plenty of friends in her video, she could have either talked to them or they could have given her support. But when in crisis one normally sees fewer friends at their side, so it might have led to her suicide.
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