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Burlesque Meets Political Satire?

By Joie Maccarone     Oct 2, 2007 in Entertainment
Burlesque is back, but don't expect to see the type of stripping which flourished during the depression. Today strippers tease your senses by performing political and satirical skits in hopes of provoking mental awareness to social causes & to raise fund
During the past decade, clubs in Texas and New York have brought burlesque back in a political way, which is sure to add a brainy new twist to shake you out of any preconceived notions about witless dancers. Strippers now focus on raising more than just a man’s sexual organ. They want to excite their audience by raising political and social awareness, which is exposed in their sexy and satirical performances.
If you think this is a joke, think again. Burlesque dancers aren’t just a tease; they have taken it one step further and raised money for issues such as animal rights, HIV/AIDS and easy access to abortion
In Austin, Audrey Maker who organized “Bring the Boys Home” has raised over $15,000 in support of organizations much like Bake Sales for Body Armor, which purchases protective gear for soldiers who are stationed overseas.
With respect to “Bring the Boys Home” The show stars uniformed soldiers who have recently returned from Iraq, Ms. Maker says that, “the soldiers strip out of their fatigues and all the medals and dog tags and it’s a huge relief for them.”
Another satirical burlesque have dancers disrobe as President George Bush which I would think revels Dylan’s notion that, “sometimes even the president of the United States, he must stand naked.” Or to put it into modern times, it would allude to the “emperor wears no clothes.”
In New York, anti-war sentiments are also expressed in burlesque clubs in which feature dancers appear on stage dressed as soldiers. The satirical part is showing the soldiers strip themselves of all military gear.
I must admit that I was having a hard one while trying to figure out just how strippers wrap their feathered boas around political issues while having their audience turned on to the show’s sexuality without losing sight of the message in the satire.
Modern -day burlesque is proving to be an art form, which is not only sexually provocative but one which also arouses mental awareness on political and social issues.
All burlesque needs is an aroused intelligent audience who can appreciate what they are being exposed to.
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