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article imageFree Open Office program sold for $61.00 on eBay to satisfied customers

By Chris V. Thangham     Sep 28, 2007 in Technology
This is another one of eBay’s auctions where customers get cheated and deceived. A customer buys the Open Office suite of programs for $61, when he/she could have got the same program for free.
There is a new word on the web “Pwnd”, which means “the verb to pwn (past tense: pwned, pwnd, pwn'd, pwnt, pooned) as used by the Internet gaming subculture, means to beat or dominate an opponent.” That is what happened to this eBay buyer, who got Pwnd by the Seller at this eBay auction.
The seller listed the free Open Office program product for a minimum bid of $3.95 but rose to a final price of $61 dollars with 25 total bids. The Open Office suite works in a similar way as Microsoft Office suite but is available for free and it can be downloaded here. Instead of downloading free, these buyers bid on this product and one of them ended up buying this product for $61. Still cheaper than Microsoft Office, but why pay for it when you can get them free.
The Seller advertises the following in the auction:
At a typical retail or online store, Microsoft Office costs anywhere from $200-300 for a single license. If you have two computers, you could spend nearly $600. With our auction, and the MS Office alternative Open Office, you will not spend NEAR that price, get an unlimited license so you can use it on as many computers as you like!
This is not the first time the seller has sold this free Open Office, they have sold to about 6 customers, who have given the following feedback:
Open office works great!! Thank you!
• disk worked as advertised
• Excellent. thank you for 2nd chance offer. Brilliant e-bayer. Highly recommend.
Ebay should restrict such auctions, but all they care about is getting the money from both the seller and the buyer. I hope the buyers are made aware of this and able to get refund for their products.
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