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Bored Orangutan Stripped Tourist Of Her Clothes

By Laura Trowbridge     Sep 27, 2007 in Lifestyle
A French tourist was visiting a park in Malaysia's Semenggoh Wildlife Centre on the island of Borneo. While taking pictures of an orangutan that resides there, named Delima, the primate decided it was tired of being photographed and it wanted some fun.
Delima the Orangutan grabbed the tourist's backback, but the tourist fought back. They continued fighting over the backpack until Delima started ripping off the woman's clothes, as well.
The park wardens said the fight over the backpack was rather lengthy until Delima got frustrated and started taking off the tourist's clothes.
"He took my shoes and socks off, and then tried to take off my trousers," said Odile.
"As he couldn't manage it with his hands only, he tried with his teeth - and that's when I got bitten.
"As soon as he got my trousers he went away."
Odile also said Delima searched through the backpack as if he were looking for food. She also insisted she did nothing to torment or provoke Delima's attack on her. She was just taking a picture of the animal.
Wilfred Landong, the chief park warden, said Odile had scratches and bruises on her knees and thighs after the scuffle with Delima. He considers this incident merely an "accident", and the park is not "faulting anyone".
"But we remind tourists that they should not go too near the orangutans."
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