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article imageSchool Girl bloodied and battered beyond recognition by teenage girls

By Chris V. Thangham     Sep 24, 2007 in Crime
Previously bullied Bethany James, 15 year old, was bloodied and battered beyond recognition by two teenage girls in West Yorkshire, England. She suffered severe facial injuries while her attackers are free, no punishment or arrest.
Bethany James had reported bullying behaviors for the past four years to her parents and the school she was attending in Bradford, West Yorkshire, but so far no actions were taken despite many complaints by Bethany’s parents. She was subjected to several insults and abusive text and internet messages in the past. And now in another bullying incident, she was badly injured by two teenage girls.
She was leaving a video shop near her home in Undercliffe with friends, when she was approached by these two girls who beat her up viciously. Neither her friends nor any bystanders helped or intervened, she was beaten up very badly. These two girls pulled her hair and stamped on head while she lay helpless on the pavement.
Her mother came rushing after one of the friend called her about the fight. Mrs. James stopped the fight by pulling the girls aside and took her daughter to Bradford Royal Infirmary.
The photo shown here was taken by her mother to show the world how vicious the bullying has become.
Mrs. James, a 46-year-old hairdresser, and her husband Anthony, a telecoms engineer rushed to the hospital. They were saddened by the whole incident and to see the extent of injuries on their beautiful daughter.
Mr. James said to the Daily Mail:
It was horrific as a parent to see one of your children in a hospital bed covered in blood. I couldn't believe it. It was only when I got to the hospital that I realized the full extent of the attack.’
Mrs. James said she has never seen anything like this. One of the Doctors who attended her daughter said Bethany looked like she had been in a car crash.
Mrs. James spoke about her daughter’s injuries to the Daily Mail:
Her nose was split open, her mouth had been kicked and her braces caused lacerations, her lips were badly swollen, she was covered in blood, it was all over her clothes, and lumps of her hair were missing.'
Mrs. James claimed the school, Immanuel CE Community College in Thackley and their teachers failed to stop the bullying behavior despite their several complaints.
Bethany before the incident.
Bethany is attending school now for two hours a day only in an isolation unit, while her attackers are still attending the school without any punishment or reprimand. The school told her that they wanted Bethany back in school, but her parents are not too keen in sending their daughter back to school again.
Bethany has still lingering pains, she said her nose is bruised and hurts at the top. She feels embarrassed to go out.
Police said two girls have been questioned as witnesses but no arrests have been made.
Chris Robinson, deputy head at Immanuel College, said in a statement:
Any bullying that the college becomes aware of is dealt with in a robust manner supported by the additional care we show for each other through our strong Christian ethos.'
A typical response from the school, instead of taking proactive measures and actions, give a standard message that doesn’t help anyone. Parents should stop this bullying behavior on their own, can’t expect schools to stop it. Bullying is getting worse every day. I hope Bethany recovers well soon and her parents able to find a decent school for her and her future.
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