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NASA aims to put man on Mars by 2037

By RobotGod     Sep 24, 2007 in Science
NASA says it aims to put a man on Mars by 2037. This year marks the half-century of the space age ushered in by the October 1957 launch of the Sputnik-1 by the then Soviet Union.
breitbart reports that in 2057, the centenary of the space era, "we should be celebrating 20 years of man on Mars," according to Michael Griffin.
Griffin says the international space station being built in orbit and targeted for completion by 2010 would be used to provide a "toehold in space". It is where humanity would travel first to the moon and then to Mars.
"We are looking at the moon and Mars to build a civilisation for tomorrow and after that," Griffin added in his remarks at a conference session attended by heads of the world's space agencies.
It was in 2004 when President Bush announced an ambitious plan for the US to return to the moon by 2020 and use it as a stepping stone for manned missions to Mars and elsewhere beyond.
NASA's Phoenix spacecraft is on the way and is scheduled to land on the northern plains of the red planet next year to determine if the Red Planet is capable of supporting life. The rovers, Opportunity and Spirit resumed their three-year-old mission this month as well, after surviving dust storms that nearly destroyed them. So it is a busy time on the red planet.
In addition, on September 15, 10 gerbils were launched from the Russian-run Baikonur space centre in Kazakhstan for a 12-day voyage to test the possible effects of a human mission to Mars.
So, it looks like things are speeding up and it is getting more serious. We will be there before you know it.
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