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Woman Wants Share of James Brown Estate

By RobotGod     Sep 24, 2007 in Entertainment
The woman who is making claims that she is the oldest daughter of James Brown said she will be in court Monday to pursue a piece of the late soul singer's estate. Brown died Christmas Day.
breitbart reports that a judge is scheduled to go over the pending issues in the ongoing court battle over Brown's will.
"I've been walking around looking like this man for 45 years," said LaRhonda Petitt, a retired flight attendant and school teacher. "I'm not talking no negative talk, I'm talking about what's right."
Brown died Christmas Day of heart failure at age 73. His will names six adult children. However, there are at least three other people, including Petitt, who say DNA testing proves they are also his children.
Petitt, who was born and lives in Houston, said Sunday she would like all people claiming to be Brown's children to take a DNA test. "Just because they're in the will doesn't mean they're all my daddy's children," Petitt said.
Petitt filed a paternity action to legally establish that she is Brown's daughter.
"He had kids everywhere," Petitt said. "And each one of those kids can do something positive."
In addition, she has two claims against his estate, one to share in the estate as a natural child who was not provided for by the will and a second claim for back child support. But those issues won't be addressed in this proceeding.
It does not end there. Petitt would like to see the singer's body moved to a mausoleum so family and friends can visit more easily. His body is in a crypt at the home of one of his daughters.
She is right as far as the DNA test. It should be done so that it can all be laid to rest.
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