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Men may be treated for serious illnesses but, "Do they have the balls for it?

By Joie Maccarone     Sep 22, 2007 in Health
Men may have the organ needed to treat them with such illnesses as Alzheimer's and diabetes for scientist have learned that testicles may be "a source of stem cells to help them fight these diseases." The main question is, do men actually have the balls
The good news for men is that US scientists may have discovered a way in which stem cells taken from a male's testicles could combat such diseases as Alzheimer's and diabetes.
A team of researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College led by Dr. Shahin Rafil reported that they used this experiment on mice. And what they found was by extracting early-stage sperm cells that these cells may be capable of becoming different tissues. This report means that some day male patients may have an available source of stem cells which they can use to treat these serious illnesses. He went on to say that, "It appears that these unique specialized spermatoginial cells could be an easily obtained and manipulated source of stem cells with exactly the same capability to from new tissues that we see in embryonic stem cells." Now in theory, stem cells are the body's "master cells" which can become any type of cell in the body therefore it seems very possible that this procedure can work.
The bad news is that extracting these stem cells can be extremely painful therefore chances are that most men would not be willing or have the balls to suffer through this procedure.
Now, I'm all in favour of research conducted in treating these serious illnesses but the one question I would like to have an answer to, is why have these scientist been able to first find a possible treatment for men and not women? Afterall, women may be more likely of having the balls to endure the pain then men do.
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