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article imageOp-Ed Tasers Are Now In Criminal Hands

By RobotGod     Sep 20, 2007 in Crime
The stories are just piling up like an electric train wreck, complete with victims twitching and screaming and dying. This technology needs responsibility to go along with it.
As many recent stories have demonstrated, law enforcement is not ready for taser technology in everyday use. They lack the responsibility that goes along with that kind of weapon. They are used to weapons that are far more dangerous. Weapons with more drastic consequences.
They obviously feel "too safe and comfortable" using their tasers in situations where common sense, diplomacy or a little hard work would diffuse a situation.
Law enforcement has proven already that they are not ready. Perhaps not properly trained.
Amnesty was aware of the problem in 2005. There were 103 Taser stun gun-related deaths between the United States and Canada from June 2001 and March 2005. And that was at a time when tasers were not nearly as widely used as they are today.
In this 2005 article they cite a study and list the number at 147
People are so concerned they are circulating petitions via the net. This is just one of several.
The problem increases. The fact that you can find many such petitions tells you that something of wrong. The people are shocked, pardon the pun. And they want something done.
There are no easy answers. They do end up saving some lives, but on the other hand they cost others their lives.
Convenient weapons and over-reacting can make even honest citizens fear casual encounters with authority. And that just breeds more over-reacting.
We have to make it worth their while to hold back, until they are seriously threatened. Perhaps a lengthy report can be mandatory for every use of a taser.
One thing is certain, it will get worse before it gets better.
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