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Stick up? Aussie burglar prefers sex games to loot

By RobotGod     Sep 19, 2007 in Crime
It was a stick up of a different kind for an Australian burglar, who broke into a neighbour's house and played sex games in the bathroom involving a bottle of toilet detergent and a vacuum cleaner.
Yahoo reports that a court in the northern city of Brisbane heard how 27 year old Jamie Lacey, who was high on drugs at the time, broke into the house in September 2004.
He had an unusual approach to burglary. He scattered pornographic magazines around the bathroom and even made a sex toy from a bottle of detergent, a piece of wood and a rubber glove.
You might say he's the MacGuyver of sex/burglary.
He was arrested in December 2006 after police were able to match his DNA to the DNA on the rubber glove. In an interesting turn, a vacuum cleaner was also found in the bathroom. The judge dismissed a defence submission that there was no proof the vacuum has been used for sexual purposes.
The judge responded:
"I'm sure that your client didn't hoover the carpets," the newspaper and AAP quoted judge Tony Rafter as saying.
Lacey got 12 months community service, with the judge declining to send him to jail because he had held a steady job for two years and was now a father.
Looks like his days of of vacuum and detergent games are over. But you know how these MacGuyver types are. He could probably have his way with a rubber band and a spool of fishing line.
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