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Illinois Teacher Banned From School for Anti-Meat Stance

By Andi Bryant     Sep 18, 2007 in World
Recently converted vegan teacher is suspended from his job for continuing to discuss his views, display vegan posters and handing out printed materials throughout the school after being asked to stop. He awaits the school board's decision.
44 year old Dave Warwak, a middle school teacher in Fox River Grove, IL, has been asked to stay away from the school grounds while the district decides his employment fate. Warwak has been asked previous to his suspension to stop promoting his opinions of the vegan lifestyle, and his personal views on factory farming and animal cruelty. The school district continues to keep Warwak on the payroll while he awaits the board's decision whether to bring him back or let him go.
The middle school teacher says he wishes to maintain his employment at the school, however, he doesn’t want to return until meat and milk products are removed from the cafeteria's feeding line.
The stalemate is thought to be coming to an end soon, but it is unclear if his employment future will be a topic of conversation at Monday night's board meeting.
Warwak, who is listed on as a visual arts teacher, converted to vegan in January of this year.
The Animal Rights Meetup webpage lists Warwak as an upcoming speaker for the group, claiming that he has been fired for failing to remove pro-vegan artwork from the school, and stopping the distribution of the John Robbins book "Food Revolution" to his art students and faculty.
The blurb states that Warwak believes if there are 'Got Milk' posters flooding the cafeteria, there should be counter literature available that discusses animal cruelty within food factories, and the health risks that meat poses to humans.
Warwak's website theme rides along 'Respect, Responsibility and Love for All' and
begins with a main page endorsement about his upcoming meeting with the Meetup group. He promotes the group's newly implemented change in mission to the education children, titled "Tell Our Children the Truth".
Warwak writes, "The Adult Meat-Eaters in the World no longer have a choice in this matter. This Revolution belongs to the Children. The Children of today are smart and want a better World. They are tired of your way and do not want war, starvation, pollution, death, and destruction. They want and deserve a healthy and loving World. Just ask, you will see. Go off in the corner with your Roast Beef sandwich, while we build a better World."
It ends rallying for the American vegan community to revolt.
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