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Man dead after three-day online binge

By RobotGod     Sep 17, 2007 in Internet
We have heard about typical drinking binges, or drugs. A Man in southern China dropped dead after a three-day marathon online session at a cybercafe, state media reported today. reports that he is estimated to be 30 years old.
He suddenly collapsed in front of his computer terminal in Guangdong province, and emergency personnel were unable to revive him, according to the Beijing News.
"According to preliminary findings, the length of time this man spent online might have triggered heart problems," the paper quoted a local hospital emergency medic in the city of Zhongshan as saying
They did not say his name or what kinds of things he was doing online.
Worried about internet addiction getting out of hand, China's government has taken steps to combat the problem, including forcing online gaming sites to dock the points of gamers who stay online too long.
I have never heard of death from too long on the internet. Makes me wonder if it is just a spin to keep the people in line in China, or if he really died that way. Maybe he was surfing digg and got so bored he took his own life.
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