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article imageEuropean Celtic mummies found in China

By Chris V. Thangham     Sep 14, 2007 in Environment
Chinese and Japanese archaeologists find Celtic mummies in Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang in western part of China. They find hundreds of mummies of similar origin and their DNA shows they are of European origin.
The video shows the expedition and unearthing of some of the mummies and shows well preserved bodies of European origin. One of the mummies shows European features with reddish brown hair, high cheek bones, long nose and a ginger beard. He was dated to be at least three thousand years old, six foot tall and buried wearing a red twill tunic and tartan leggings. His DNA shows he must be a Celt in origin, Bronze Age European.
It was shocking to the researchers how this Celt and others could have arrived in Taklamakan desert (known in local language of the Uighur people in Xinjiang - “You can come in and never come out”). Just as they say in the local language, these Celts probably migrated to China and never left. They lived for three to four thousand years and perished as a group or mingled with the local population and integrated. The researchers found mummy bodies ranging from 3000 B.C to as late as 800 A.D.
This Cherchen (or Charchan) Man was found along with mummies of three women and a baby, all well preserved in the dry desert. One of the women had light brown hair and her hair was brushed and braided. Her face is painted with curling designs and had a red burial gown that almost looks like new still.
The bodies are far better preserved than the Egyptian mummies. Based on the mummy fund, the museum has reconstructed their habitat. They say the group have plenty of similarities with the Bronze Age Celts, the weave of the cloth found on the mummies looks the same as that of those found on the bodies of salt miners in Austria from 1300 BC.
These mummies are housed in a museum in the provincial capital of Urumqi, China.
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