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The abandoned monkey who has found love with a pigeon

By RobotGod     Sep 13, 2007 in World
It is a friendship and a love that crosses species and knows no bounds. If their love is wrong, we would ever want to be right? A monkey and a pigeon have become inseparable at an animal sanctuary in China.
The Daily Mail reports on this strange love.
Like any good love story, this one begins dramatocally. The 12-week-old macaque monkey was abandoned by his mother and was close to death when it was rescued on Neilingding Island, in Goangdong Province.
After being taken to an animal hospital his health began to improve but he seemed spiritless. Something was missing. The physical aching was gone, but not so for the aching in his heart.
Then he developed a special friendship with a white pigeon.
The blossoming relationship helped to revive the monkey and he has developed a new lease of life and learned how to love.
Now they are never far from each other's side. At last, they have found one another.
But wait. Love is in the air. Earlier this year a pig adopted a tiger cub and raised him and her piglets because his mother couldn't feed and care for him.
Ahhh, it warms the heart.
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