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Bank Robber Writes Demands on his own Check

By wiccania     Sep 11, 2007 in Crime
Talk about leaving a paper trail. Would be thief Forest Kelly Bissonnette (27) clearly didn't think things through when he scratched his name off one of his checks and wrote a note demanding money on it.
According to, the name on the check could still be read although he blacked it out. Bissonnette got away with almost $5000 from a bank in Englewood Colorado.
A federal criminal complaint said surveillance video showed a suspect similar to a description of Bissonnette. It also said a tipster told investigators a man named Forest Kelly told the tipster he had received $5,000 in a bank robbery using a demand note.
Bissonnette turned himself in on Friday and remained in custody on Tuesday. There's no word on whether the money has been recovered.
I've heard some stories of "stupid thieves" but this is definitely at the top of the list. He didn't have a piece of scrap paper? The reply envelope from a bill? Something that didn't come with identifying information on it? At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if the bank was the bank he uses.
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