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article imageGlobal Climate Change: Is A Solution More Complicated than Previously Considered

By Bob Ewing     Sep 10, 2007 in Environment
Is global dimming counteracting the impact that global warming is having/ Has the pollution we spew into the air daily working to keep the temperature from rising. This may be the case and if so the problems we face are even more complicated.
At the recent Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) Forum the leaders present deviated from their traditional agenda of economic growth and international trade and took a look at n issue that can impact both, global warming.
The APEC members issued a closing statement Sunday that urged the resumption of international trade talks this fall at the World Trade Organization.
The statement was the result of an agreement that the 21 member economies agreed to on Saturday.
This agreement is referred to as an "aspirational goal'' and the phrase appears to have been coined for this summit . The goal is the slowing, stopping and eventually reversing greenhouse gas emissions.
The video clip that accompanies this article may establish that this goal is considerably more difficult than anticipated.
Global dimming is, as the video explains, the result of air pollution and basically prevents the Sun's heat from reaching the earth. This suggests that air pollution is slowing down the rate of global warming and further suggests that if we clean up the air the rate of global warming will increase.
This means that both air pollution, for example and global warming need to be addressed at the same time and not treated separately.
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