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Arkansas Gives Children Fat Report Cards

By brooketerra     Sep 9, 2007 in Health
How would you or your child feel about getting a report card telling you that they were overweight and listing the diseases they were at an increased risk for?
In Arkansas this happens.
In an innovative new program Arkansas schools are weighing students once a year and sending in a report card listing the results.
The new child obesity statistics show that this program is having a positive result but lowering the number of children listed as obese from 38.1 percent in 2004 to 37.5 in 2006.
This program has mixed feelings from parents as well as students although not as negetivly as one might think.
Teenager Jeffery Trimble says that this report has changed the lifestyle choices he makes.
"They let me know that I was at risk of having things like diabetes and a heart attack if I kept going the way I was," Jeffery said. "I knew I was overweight, but I didn't know how bad it could be."
Through a change in diet and nearly daily exercise he has lost 35lbs.
The opposition to this law that enable schools to run this program is that by pointing out the obvious in a report card it may be damaging to some students self-esteem.
Oddly enough it's the parents who seem to have the biggest problem with the program. 68 percent of parents and 85 percent of students said they were comfortable with the reports.
In an effort to please the 32% of parents and 15% of students a new proposal has been drafted that will have students weighed only every two years, instead of yearly.
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