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Norman Hsu Caught

By Samantha A. Torrence     Sep 8, 2007 in Crime
Norman Hsu, the fugitive democratic fundraiser, was caught on Thursday after trying to flee from prosecution for a crime he committed 15 years ago. He is now in the hospital no word on his condition.
Norman Hsu was caught on Thursday after falling ill on an Amtrak in Western Slope city. He was transported to a St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction where he was arrested by FBI Agents.
Hsu was on the run, again, after failing to appear for a court hearing which he was scheduled to turn in his passport and ask for his bail to be reduced from $2 million to $1 million. This will be the second time Hsu has fled from prosecution of a crime he plead no contest on 15 years prior.
Hsu had disappeared only to reappear in 2004 as a democratic fund raiser and has donated around 260,000 dollars to various members of the party who were not aware of his criminal status.
His movements have been pieced together after her failed to appear for his court hearing. He arrived in Oakland, California by charter plane on 8:30 am on Wednesday. He then left via train at 10:10 am from the nearby town or Emryville. Her arrived at Grand Junction around 1:05 pm. His ticket stated that his final destination was Denver, Colorado.
Norman Hsu's condition has not been released to the public, and FBI members speculate he will not be discharged from the Hospital on Friday.
The federal charges of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution will be dropped once he is transferred to state custody.
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