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Netscape Closing User-Generated News Homepage

By malan     Sep 7, 2007 in Internet
After much criticism on the fact that Netscape's new "social news website" was a direct rip-off of Netscape has decided to pull the plug on it's user-generated news website.
Rumors have been rampant for weeks that Netscape was considering closing the doors on it's user-generated news website, Now Jason Calacani who ran the project has stated that the website will no longer be a news website and will provide a more portal-like experience.
Netscape's site had problems early on first it was accused of being a knock-off of the popular news referral site and then Netscape was accused of trying to bribe top DIGG users into coming over to their website.
Now, is carrying a post at the top of it's homepage stating that in fact they are replacing it with a more portal like website.
It just goes to show that large organization like Netscape cannot recreate the magic of a social news website that happens organically like did. Large corporations cannot buy off citizen journalists and news contributors with cash because most of them aren't doing it for money, they're doing it to be a part of something.
And it's hard to put a price on that. Sorry Netscape... nice try though.
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