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Mom On Trial For Murder After Slashing Throats Of Daughters

By Laura Trowbridge     Sep 7, 2007 in Crime
Michigan resident, Jennifer Kukla, is on trial for the February murder of her two daughters, ages 8 and 5. She claimed evil voices were speaking to her and she killed the girls to "protect them."
Lauren Russell, the sister of the accused, was in court today speaking about the mental state of her sister before the girls were murdered.
Russell said she went to visit Kukla on the day of the murders. Kukla came to the door wearing at least a couple of layers of clothing and then told Russell "I'm going to hell." When Russell asked why she would say such a thing, Kukla told her "because I had to kill them."
Russell testified to seeing cuts on her sister's wrists and that Kukla asked for the police to be called out. The 911 call that Russell made that day was played in court.
A forensic psychologist, Dr. Charles Clark, testified about the four hour interview he held with Kukla on July 6. Kukla told him in great detail about the day she slashed the throats of her two young daughters, sobbing and crying through most of her story.
The voices she heard were benign at first, then became more negative and disturbing, saying Kukla and the children would be killed and that by the end of the night she would be killing them, Clark testified. She told him that she killed the girls (to) protect them.
After the slayings, Kukla kept the door to her home open to keep demons from coming in and hacked off some of her hair with a kitchen knife “to piss off the driver of the bone car,” which was covered with fingers and toes, Clark testified.
The testimony from both the sister and the psychologist included stories of molestation when Kukla was a child, stories of her mother, times when she tried to drown in urine and would walk around her home with a butcher knife.
Three psychiatrists claimed Kukla was legally insane when she murdered her children. Clark testified Kukla's symptoms were indicative of a mental disorder.
If Kukla is judged not guilty by reason of insanity, she will spend her days at a psychiatric facility and will not go to prison.
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