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article imageBelieve it or Not Al Yankovic Has Been Around For 30 Years

By KJ Mullins     Sep 5, 2007 in Entertainment
From his first hit of "My Bologna" to the music of "My Sharona" to last year's "White & Nerdy" Weird Al has been on the music scene. His parodies have generally been a smash but all of the songs he's restyled have been enjoyed by the original artists.
The Dr. Demento Show was the first radio show that featured his styling. Alfred Matthew Yankovic started out his rewording on hit songs as a hobby.
"It's an amazing niche I've carved out for myself," Yankovic says over the phone from a tour stop in Ohio, "and I'm really thankful that I've taken my two passions — comedy and music — and I was able to fashion some kind of vocation out of it, which, against all odds, I'm still doing to this day."
He adds: "Rock needs a court jester, I suppose, and I think I might be fulfilling that position."
Paul McCartney and Eminem are two artists that didn't approve of his spirited remakes. The 47 year old artist though personally speaks to all the recording artists of the songs that he parodies. They also share in the money. He sees to it that a contract regarding royalty splits are agreed upon by both parties
"I guess certainly one of my favorites is Nirvana, because both Dave [Grohl] and Kurt [Cobain] mentioned that they really liked the song ["Smells like Nirvana']," Yankovic says. "The line from them I like quoting all of the time is, they didn't realize they had made it until they heard the Weird Al parody. So they really took it as an homage."
There's no doubt though that his career has a spot in pop culture. He has even appeared in an episode of The Simpsons doing a parody of the song "Jack and Diane"a John Mellencamp hit. He has a MySpace account just like other famous people.
His Awards Include:
Awards and nominations
Grammy Award winners
"Eat It" — Best Comedy Recording (1984)
Poodle Hat — Best Comedy Album (2003)
Grammy Award nominees
Dare to Be Stupid — Best Comedy Recording (1985)
Polka Party! — Best Comedy Recording (1987)
Peter and the Wolf — Best Recording for Children (1988)
Even Worse — Best Comedy Recording (1988)
Off The Deep End — Best Comedy Album (1992)
Straight Outta Lynwood — Best Comedy Album (2006)
Straight Outta Lynwood — Best Surround Sound Album (2006)
Australian gold records
Running with Scissors
Canadian gold records
"Weird Al" Yankovic in 3-D
Even Worse
"Weird Al" Yankovic's Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits Volume II
Running With Scissors
Canadian platinum records
Off the Deep End
Bad Hair Day
Canadian double platinum records
Gold singles
"Eat It" (U.S., Canada, & Australia)
"White & Nerdy" (U.S.)
The "Eat It" single reached the #1 position on the Australian singles chart in 1984.
United States gold records
"Weird Al" Yankovic
The Food Album
Straight Outta Lynwood
United States platinum records
"Weird Al" Yankovic In 3-D
Dare to be Stupid
Even Worse
Off the Deep End
Bad Hair Day
Running With Scissors
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