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China punishes police who fined hugging lovers

By Fortunesfool     Sep 5, 2007 in World
Three police officers who detained and fined two young lovers who were hugging in public on the Chinese version of Valentine's Day have been forced to return the money and make a public apology.
Xiao Hong and her boyfriend were taking a stroll along the banks of the river Jinshi on the evening 'Qi-Xi', often dubbed China's Valentines Day. They paused to embrace and were separated by three plain clothes police officers who then proceeded to question them.
They were then taken to a local police station and told they could not leave until they paid a 5,000 yuan (£329) fine. However, Internet users who lambasted the over zealous officials forced the police department to investigate. The fine was repaid, the officers punished and forced to apologise.
"We have never dealt with such a case before,"
(Source: Reuters)
a clerk at the local police station told the Beijing Daily. However, displays of public affection are often frowned on by the authorities in China who questioned volunteers offering 'free hugs' on the streets of Beijing last October.
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